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More than five million Americans lost their health insurance

More than five million Americans lost their health insurance in four months – the overthrow of Obamacare, driven by the Trump administration, could take millions more in insurance.

The incubator leaning towards Democrats calculated that the fall of Obamacare planned by the Trump administration would takeout health insurance for 23 million Americans. Currently, at least 30 million adults lack health insurance in the United States.

A RECORD number of Americans have lost their health insurance due to the economic discipline caused by the covid-19 pandemic. According to a recent report by Families USA, at least 5.4 million Americans lost their health insurance between February and May.

The number of people who have lost their insurance is probably even higher than this, but it is not easy to make accurate calculations in the complex US insurance system. However, the most common explanation for losing health insurance is that people have lost their jobs and health insurance.

This is a change of historical scale. The previous record was recorded in 2009 when 3.9 million Americans lost their health insurance in a post-financial crisis recession in one calendar year.

ABOUT 16 million Americans have lost their jobs due to the economic hardship caused by the coronavirus crisis. About ten million of them have been covered by their spouse’s health insurance or by publicly funded Medicaid for the poor, the organization estimates. Some have obtained insurance from the market.

Today, about 30.8 million American adults live without health insurance, which is about 16 percent of the adult population.

The study does not say what proportion of children or young people are without insurance. In 2018, the portion of uninsured minors was 5.5 percent, according to the US Census Bureau, which meant about four million children.

The number of Americans living WITHOUT health insurance seems unusually high, given that the United States spends the most money on health care. About twice as much money is spent per capita as in Finland. Health care spending is about 18 percent of GDP in the United States and about 9 percent in Finland.

About a third of the US population is covered by public health insurance and two-thirds by private. For example, general insurance is available to those over 65 (Medicare), the poor (Medicaid), and veterans.

A study by FAMILIES USA shows that those states that have expanded Medicaid coverage for the poor in recent years have achieved less. In them, the share of unemployed who are not covered by health insurance (22.6 percent) has been almost half that of the states where Medicaid has not been extended (42.5 percent).

The goal of the politically non-aligned Families USA is to reduce healthcare costs and get every American family covered by health insurance. This is generally the goal of Democratic politicians.

Democrats got through the Affordable Care Act, most commonly known as Obamacare, during the term of Democratic President Barack Obama. In its first years (2010–2016), the number of Americans living without health insurance fell from 48.6 million to 28.4 million.

Insurance coverage was increased, for example, by expanding the Medicaid program for the poor. It has been undertaken in a total of 37 of the 50 states and the capital, Washington.

CURRENT President, Republican Donald Trump has been trying to overthrow Obamacare during a pandemic and long before that. Trump has posted at least 513 Obamacare-related tweets since 2011.

In late June, the Trump administration challenged the Obamacare legislation in the Supreme Court, which is now hearing the matter for the third time.

Trump thinks Obamacare is far too expensive, and he has promised to replace it with a better and cheaper reform, the details of which are unknown.

“Everyone thinks Obamacare isn’t working,” Trump tweeted in April last year, for example.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. As with almost everything else in the United States, Obamacare’s attitude is divided by party support.

About half of the people want the system to survive, while the other half of the people would like to get rid of it. 84 percent of Democrats support the law, 87 percent of Republicans oppose it, a Gallup poll said late last year.

“Lower tax rates for citizens and significantly worse medical care for millions of uninsured and deprived people,” Veko Vähämäki, a Finnish doctor working in California, said in an interview with HS on Monday that the effects of a possible overthrow of Obamacare were assessed.

The Center for American Progress, an incubator, is leaning on Democrats, calculated in late June that the fall of Obamacare would take out health insurance for 23 million Americans.

The TRUMP administration’s attack on Obamacare during a pandemic could affect the setting of the November presidential election. Surveys show that healthcare, and especially its high cost, was one of the most worrying issues for Americans even before the corona pandemic.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden served as Obama’s vice president for eight years. He has pledged to expand Obamacare with $ 750 billion in investments over the decade, including raising taxes on the rich.

However, Biden does not support a nationwide public insurance system, as some left-wing Democrats want, and as promised to Senator Bernie Sanders, who lost in the primary election.

According to a study by Families USA, the situation concerning health insurance and the lack of it varies significantly from state to state. In Sanders, Vermont, health insurance lacks “only” for seven percent of the adult population, while the worst situation is in Texas: there, 29 percent of adults live without insurance. In eight states, 20 percent or more are uninsured.

In a global comparison, the coronary pandemic has hit the United States the hardest, with more than three million known infections and more than 135,000 deaths.

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