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F1 corona tests are clear – the result is irresistible

The output of the F1 corona tests is clear – the result is irresistible.

The F1 season started with two races run in Austria, and the GPs were safely passed. All 9,000 coronavirus tests performed proved negative, Speedweek says.

Strict safety measures, running races without an on-site crowd, and isolating into the bubble worked great. No coronavirus was detected in either depot during either week.

Gustav Fenz, marketing, and sales manager under the Red Bull Ring, said the organizers were “extremely pleased with how things went”.

– Everyone followed the instructions, Fenz rejoiced.

– Exactly what we dreamed of, happened. This is awesome, and everything worked from day one. We didn’t have to make any adjustments.

The F1 season will continue after two weekends in Austria, followed immediately by Hungary, where the Formula 1 circus will take place next weekend. The World Championship for drivers will be led by Mercedes Valtteri Bottas by six points ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

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