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Corona the lifelong symptoms you might be left with

Alarming warnings about corona in Italy – These are the lifelong symptoms you might be left with.

Regardless of disease symptoms or age, corona can have far-reaching consequences.

Doctors and researchers in NORTHERN ITALY say the corona’s aftermath could be worse than previously thought, Sky News reports.

According to Italian experts, the disease may not only remain a short-term respiratory infection but may leave patients with long-term illnesses.

In the Lombardy region of Italy, which has been hit hardest by corona, former corona patients have been diagnosed with psychosis, insomnia, kidney disease, spinal infections, paralysis, chronic fatigue, and mobility problems.

Doctors say some patients will never recover from illnesses. They emphasize that the age of the patient is irrelevant when talking about sequelae. It is also possible for a completely asymptomatic patient to develop a long-term illness caused by a corona.

The virus is a systemic infection that affects organs throughout the body. Thus, according to doctors, it is not just a respiratory disease, as previously thought.

Italian doctors point out that people who are not at risk should also avoid infection. Adherence to restrictions can prevent exposure to long-term illnesses.

The findings of Italian doctors that coronavirus disease is not just a respiratory disease are in line with previous research at the University of London, Sky News reports.

The university identified severe coronary neurological symptoms such as delirium, encephalitis, cerebral infarction, and nerve damage in 43 patients aged 16–85.

Some patients did not experience severe respiratory distress at all, and neurological symptoms may have been the first and only signs of coronavirus.

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