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Blood scars and bruises remained

The league coach says that he was the victim of a masquerade attack – “Blood scars and bruises remained”

Carlos Carvalhal got his son to help with the fight against the robbers.

Carlos Carvalhal, who coaches Rio Aven, who plays in Portugal’s main league, says he was the target of a robbery on his doorstep when he returned home from an away game in Madeira.

Carvalhal told the papers of his home country that three masked men visited him in front of the coach’s home at 2.15 a.m. Monday-Tuesday night in the city of Braga.

However, Carvalhal did not give up, but with the help of his son, who had rushed from the interior, drove the robbers out of his way.

– Someone in me decided to put him on, even though it might not make sense. When I got the help of my son Jose Carlos, we managed to get through the situation, Carvalhal said and continued:

– Blood scars and bruises remained in the memory of the incident; fortunately, nothing more serious. Police arrived shortly afterward and began searching for the robbers. I hope they get caught.

Carvalhal-led Rio Ave played a 0-0 draw against Maritimo last Monday.

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