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15-year-old teenager has died of mumps plague

In Mongolia, a 15-year-old teenager has died of mumps plague – more than 10 quarantined

At least one person dies each year from the plague in Mongolia.

In Mongolia, a 15-year-old teenage boy has died of the swelling plague, health officials said Tuesday. There have been a few cases of influenza in Mongolia and neighboring regions of China recently.

Boy, who died of the plague, lived in the remote province of Gobi-Altai in the southwestern part of the country. According to the Ministry of Health, he had contracted a rare bacterial disease after hunting and eating marmot.

Health officials reported the boy contracted the infection initially a week ago on Monday.

“We quarantined the first 15 people who had been in close contact with the deceased, and those 15 people are receiving antibiotic treatment,” Naragerel Dorj, director of communications at the Ministry of Health, told AFP.

The plague was also observed on the Chinese side.

The plague has also been recently detected elsewhere in Mongolia, with two swine fever infections confirmed earlier this month in Khovd province. More than 140 people were tested, but no other cases were found.

In addition, a similar plague infection was detected in the territory of China’s Inner Mongolia just over a week ago. Until the end of the year, local authorities banned the hunting and eating of animals that could carry bluetongue.

At least one person dies from the plague in Mongolia every year, despite the government’s efforts to warn people not to approach and eat marmots. Especially in rural areas, however, people learn to hunt and eat marmots. Some also believe that eating their internal organs is good for health.

Plague is a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, which usually occurs in rodents. A person can become infected by biting an infected flea from an animal or treating an infected animal, the Department of Health and Welfare says.

After a bite, a person develops painful lymphadenitis, swelling plague, within a week. Sometimes it can turn into pneumonia, causing the infection to spread from person to person through sputum droplets.

Source: STT-AFP

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